Softcell blinds offer a range of 25mm cellular fabrics, each delicately woven to create a harmonious geometrical form of folded fabric layers, providing optimum light control, enhanced privacy and boasting energy efficiency properties.


Available in a range of stylish fabrics offering dimout options which will softly diffuse the light through the textured cell or turn day to night using the blockout fabrics to control the light. The subtle colour palette of Astoria and Lexington comprises of soft neutrals and muted greys, while Blenheim and Hudson inject a pop of colour to the collection.

The delicate cellular structure creates a pocket of air which acts as an insulation layer within the home. The insulation pocket offers increased energy efficiency properties in the cooler months and reduces the heat gain in the Summer. The white fabric to the exterior of the Astoria, Blenheim and Lexington collection reflects the infrared heat rays from the sun, acting as a coolant during the warmer months.

Manufactured with multiple operating systems, bottom up and top-down bottom up, both available with tensioned and free hanging operation. These operating systems provide optimum privacy whilst allowing natural light to flow into the home.

Combined with a Perfect Fit® frame, the 25mm cell offers further insulating properties creating an additional barrier from heat loss while providing a child safe window blind.

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